E-Mini S&P 500 futures Context Report Review for Wednesday September 09, 2020

Recap of the action of the E-Mini S&P 500 futures in relation to today’s Context Report.

5 min (24-Hr Session) and 2 min (RTH Session) Chart Review

E-Mini S&P500 futures chart review

  • 3402 was a naked VPOC and not the prior session’s VPOC



E-Mini S&P500 futures internals

Cumulative Volume Average


E-Mini S&P500 futures volume

Key Lessons From Today

  • For momentum based trades, you can’t be picky with location. For non momentum based trades, location is key. These two types of trades are “momentum based trades” and “location based trades”.

Notes for Overnight

  • Buyers able to hold price above the 3367s is important for further upside. Expecting larger timeframe sellers at each resistance area above up to and including the 3480s. 3480s is larger timeframe line in the sand.