It can't be that simple!

Trading can be simple.

Lay out the context and have scenarios to guide you so you understand the probabilities of potential action in context of current action.

Have set trade ideas for the day so you know what you are specifically looking for.

Judge real-time action using whatever tool(s) you prefer and are familiar with (TICK, advanced-decline lines, other internals, order-flow, price action, etc.).

Execute within your set risk parameters, only taking trades where the reward justifies the risk for long-term profitability (very, very important).

Rinse and repeat over and over and over again.

With experience, you will develop a feel for the market and its unique personality and your ideas, read, and execution will significantly improve. Your confidence in your edge will improve as well.

Trading is a long-term game. The short-term results will fluctuate greatly. Don’t get discouraged by the results of a few trades.