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Contextturtle Pro teaches you how to find reliable support and resistance zones and read the market. As a member, you are provided with a daily pre-market and overnight breakdown that details the big picture and explains exactly how I found the support and resistance zones, scenarios and context reading that I post each day. In addition to that, I share my trade ideas before the open and review what occurred in detail after the close.

Other services would have you believe there is some sort of magic or statistical analysis involved in finding zones. I’ll show you why that is complete nonsense.

Contextturtle Pro

$25 / mo

  • Zones & Scenarios [?]
  • Context Report [?]
  • Context Breakdown [?]
  • Trade ideas for the day [?]
  • Review [?]
  • Forum board access [?]

What our members are saying

“What Contextturtle is doing is great. Not only do it provide valuable insight each day but at the same time it allows for an opportunity to learn alongside which is a huge bonus and not to mention the cost is a steal of a deal! Thank you for all that you do! It has had an incredible impact on my learning and on my path to a consistently profitable trader.”

- Darshil

“Contextturtle provides a tremendous value for money over other players covering Emini (25% off the price of a comparable service) all while teaching users how to construct and trade a plan based on the methodology that is openly shared with users. You will learn how to read volume profile and market structure as Contextturtle shows you exactly how the plan is made each day and how the prescribed trades played out. No hidden trading “mentorship” programs that promise to teach you the ways while separating you from your money and treating volume profile like some magical art. Contextturtle shares pre-market trading plans and their actual trading results, not just adding arrows for the best trades on the day in a vacuum.”

- Kyle

“Wanted to just drop a line and say thank you for what you do, and how you do it. I’ve been subscribing to the premium content now for about one month, and I have to say that my trading has done a complete 180 for the better. Like I told you previously, I only trade part time, as I have a normal 9-5 job. Although it may only be 1 trade per day, I had 16 winning trades out of 19 placed since signing up for the premium content. The month of March completely changed the way my year was going. I trade the MES, with multiple contracts, and have been able to take your scenarios and context and use that for 10-15 point gains. It’s exactly what I was hoping to do when I got back into trading the futures market at the beginning of this year. For me, it’s my supplemental income.”

- Bobby